Varibox Consulting

“Varibox offers mechanical design and analysis as well as a patent search consulting service.

Varibox, lead by Dr Jan Naude (MD) has vast experience in both mechanical design and analysis and through the years of patenting own technologies has vast experience in patent searching and all that is involved in this field.”



Analysis and design

Mechanical design specialising in gearboxes, cams, drive trains, mining equipment, industrial equipment and other mechanical devices. Services include the use of the following tools:

  • Mechanical design using SolidWorks and its various tools and add-ins
  • Analysis and simulation using Matlab, Simulink and Simscape
  • Design in combination with patent searches towards creating strong Intellectual Property (IP).

Intellectual Property (IP) creation

Varibox’s in-house developed design, analysis and patent search process have resulted in numerous successfully granted international patents. This process involves patent searches in combination with the design process to culminate in formal strong international patents in collaborations with our IP attorneys. During this process the design is adapted to avoid infringing existing IP while at the same time focusing on design features that are novel to ensure strong patents. The emergence of IP as the last competitive edge in the global economy is evident in the current US China trade war and highlights the value of strong international IP.

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