Varibox CVT Technologies is an intellectual property company, specialising in the development of alternative  CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) concepts. The company's core business is to invent and patent new positive drive CVT concepts and prove the concepts via tested prototypes. Thereafter the technology is licensed to interested parties who will develop and manufacture the technology. The company has successfully developed and three unique CVT concepts namely the ROTORcvt, RADIALcvt and icvt.


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“Varibox procure and patent technologies that allow lower cost production and increased mechanical efficiency aimed at lowering carbon emissions and fuel consumption when introduced in mass production.
Our technologies do away with complicated and expensive hydraulic ratio control systems, consequently reducing complexity and cost which results in a simple and reduced weight CVT drive train.” - Dr Jan Naude (MD)




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Varibox CVT Technologies are committed to excellence by ensuring engineering and design integrity. We are also committed to bring about positive change that will benefit future generations, staff, investors and partners.


We will create value for our clients by partnering with them to in order to ensure their success. We do this by providing continuous, high quality technical support and by applying our expertise in the field of mechanical engineering and CVT to their benefit.


We are focussed on developing superior CVT products that will benefit the industry as well as consumer. Throughout our projects we apply our expertise to achieve revolutionary, cost effective and clean CVT innovations.


The directors of Varibox lead with utmost integrity. They boast extensive skills in the fields of engineering, law, accounting, human resources and information technology, placing them in a great position to understand the unique intricacies of the ever changing global trends of the industry. Their dedication to innovation and combined strength of expertise gives us the confidence and belief that we are able develop the best CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) concepts in the world.

Jan Naude
Managing Director

Apart from making corporate decisions, Managing Director Jan Naude (PhD), is also the inventor of new CVT (Continuously Variable Transmissions) concepts. His role includes the creation and management of the company’s intellectual property and he closely oversees the designing of prototypes. Jan is actively involved in the manufacturing and testing of the prototypes and is further participates in the marketing of Varibox CVT Technologies (Pty) Ltd products.

Marinus Van den Ende

Rinus is an experienced Civil and Structural Engineer that runs his own successful engineering firm. Rinus holds a B. Eng (Civil) degree as well as GDE (Construction Management) form South Africa’s top ranking universities. He is co-founder of Varibox CVT Technologies (Pty) Ltd and is actively involved as a director and the chairman on board level.

Gary Berndt

Gary is an admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa since 1984. He holds a LLB and MBA from a top South African University (WITS) and further holds a Diploma in Human Rights and a Leadership Development Programme Certification from the Gordon Institute of Business Science. He is an experienced lawyer and worked in the field of Industrial Relations before acting as legal advisor of Barloworld Rand group. Gary served as Chairman of the Barloworld Medical Scheme Audit Committee and chairman of the Advisory Board of the UNISA Centre for Business Management. He further served as board member and past President of Corporate Lawyers Association of SA before taking up the position as director of Varibox CVT Technologies (Pty) Ltd. in 2002.

Estelle Solomons

Estelle holds a Master’s Degree in Public Management and brings more than 15 years’ management experience in financial management and development finance experience to the Varibox stable. She currently serves as Senior Account Manager in the Workout and Restructuring Department for the IDC, a primary shareholder in Varibox (Pty) Ltd. Estelle is solutions driven and her key responsibility is to ensure that the IDC’s development mandate is achieved. Through her work at IDC she was appointed as director of Varibox (Pty) Ltd in 2015.

Glen Botha

Glen holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science from a top South African University (UFS). His career progressed from management consulting to specialised IT development and architecture in the banking space. Glen served as Chief Information Officer (CIO) at FNB Corporate Bank and then FNB International Banking until 2009 before going into full-time ministry. Glen joined as director of Varibox CVT Technologies (Pty) Ltd in 2010.

Louis Linde

Louis is an Industrial Relations Psychologist and holds a Masters degree in Industrial Psychology (cum laude) from the University of the North West. Louis has 9 years’ experience in corporate HR and Industrial Relations at Eskom, South Africa’s electricity public utility and experience as Career Counsellor, Selection Expert, Industrial Psychologist and Company Consultant. Louis has been an active director of Varibox CVT Technologies (Pty) Ltd. since 2008

Michael van Staden

Michael is the managing director and founder of GEMET (Pty) Ltd a company focussed on providing geometallurgical, laboratory testing and related project management services within the global mining industry. He has worked at companies such as Mintek and De Beers gaining extensive experience in the field of mineral process engineering technology R&D and specialist services development. Michael has a keen interest in innovation and is entrepreneurially minded. He, holds a number of formal tertiary qualifications and professional accreditations including NHD Extraction Metallurgy, M. Dip Minerals Engineering and NHD Management Practice (UJ), Pr. Sci. Nat. (SACNASP), Pr. Tech. Eng. (ECSA). He is a Fellow of the SAIMM and Member of the GSSA. Michael has been a director of Varibox CVT Technologies (Pty) Ltd. since 2014.

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