Varibox CVT Technologies is an intellectual property company, specialising in the development of alternative  CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) concepts. The company's core business is to invent and patent new positive drive CVT concepts and prove the concepts via tested prototypes. Thereafter the technology is licensed to interested parties who will develop and manufacture the technology. The company has successfully developed and three unique CVT concepts namely the ROTORcvt, RADIALcvt and icvt.



Light Bulb and Clocks

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“Varibox procure and patent technologies that allow lower cost production and increased mechanical efficiency aimed at lowering carbon emissions and fuel consumption when introduced in mass production.
Our technologies do away with complicated and expensive hydraulic ratio control systems, consequently reducing complexity and cost which results in a simple and reduced weight CVT drive train.” - Dr Jan Naude (MD)




Varibox CVT Technologies are committed to excellence by ensuring engineering and design integrity. We are also committed to bring about positive change that will benefit future generations, staff, investors and partners.


We will create value for our clients by partnering with them to in order to ensure their success. We do this by providing continuous, high quality technical support and by applying our expertise in the field of mechanical engineering and CVT to their benefit.


We are focussed on developing superior CVT products that will benefit the industry as well as consumer. Throughout our projects we apply our expertise to achieve revolutionary, cost effective and clean CVT innovations.

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