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The icvt is a purely mechanical incremental CVT that works on a mechanical positive engagement principle, while ratio adjustment is performed in a large number of small fixed ratio increments. In the simplest form, its functioning can be explained by referring to two sprocket wheels and a chain in which one of the sprocket wheels can add or subtract a tooth on its circumference without interrupting positive mechanical engagement with the chain. Therefore it performs ratio shifting without any load interruption

The icvt functions on a mechanical positive engagement principle and unlike any of the current commercial CVT’s in use and does NOT use a dynamic friction drive principle. It’s use of a mechanical positive system makes the icvt a robust and highly mechanical efficient CVT solution, with scalability in torque and power.

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The icvt was specifically designed to overcome the intrinsic limitations of the friction drive principle current CVTs employ, which make them undesirable in the high power high torque markets. The icvt is the only CVT designed to operate on a positive mechanical engagement of the drive components and does NOT involve any friction drive interface.

The icvt is a unique transmission solution which varies its ratio in a large amount of small increments, under load, without any power interruption. The icvt variator can be scaled to any power and torque requirement, while its mechanical efficiency can be compared to the mechanical efficiency of a chain and sprocket set.

A 64 ratio prototype of the icvt has been implemented in a test vehicle and has proved the icvt to be a viable mechanical positive drive CVT.

The functioning principle of the icvt is further protected through granted patents in 13 international countries and Varibox is in the process of marketing this invention in order to obtain a partner licensee for the intellectual property rights of the icvt.



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