Are you an entrepreneurially driven organisation in search of sustainable competitive advantage and the opportunity to change the status quo? With Varibox’s internationally patented, prototype-proven technology, your future will become the present.

Varibox has a number of patented CVT designs, specifically the iCVT, ROTORcvt and RADIALcvt. Should you be interested in becoming a Development or Industry Partner, please get a hold of us via the contact details in the footer section of this website.

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Learn more about the international patents that protect the ROTORcvt, RADIALcvt and icvt.

The RADIALcvt Product Pitch

Following the development, patenting and successful prototype tests on our ground-breaking continuously variable transmission, the RADIALcvt, Varibox CVT Technologies has been receiving a flood of queries related to how the innovation fares against current automobile transmissions. The product pitch document below explains some of the key individual features of the RADIALcvt as proof that it as an ideal solution for solving the low mechanical efficiency and complexity issues associated with current CVT’s should you be interested in understanding the technology for licensing of the product. You can read a non-technical Product Pitch.

Read the Automotive Transmission Explained and Compared to the RADIALcvt here.

Also, for your understanding, we have taken time to outline the technical characteristics of various types of automobile transmissions currently available on the market and compare the RADIALcvt to these. You are welcome to read about these in the following document.

Automotive Transmission Explained.


Varibox is committed to a partnership model that will benefit the licensee to achieve maximum return on investment. We recognise the value of entering into agreements with like-minded companies who are passionate about challenging conventional wisdom in order to lead the way in CVT innovation, cost efficiency for the end user and a greener future.

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