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The ROTORcvt is a purely mechanical two stage ratcheting CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) in which the ratio adjustment from geared neutral is done via a 350 Watt 12 V electrical system. The ROTORcvt was specifically designed to overcome the inherent limitations of crank- or cam- or rotor-type, ratcheting CVTs, which exclude them from universal commercial exploitation.

What sets the ROTORcvt apart is its ability to function on a mechanically positive engagement principle. Unlike commercial CVT’s, the ROTORcvt does NOT use a dynamic friction drive principle. Being the only ratcheting CVT designed to smoothly transfer load from one stage to another, the ROTORcvt has a unique distinction of being a compact, robust and mechanically efficient, CVT solution.

A prototype of the ROTORcvt has already been applied in a small passenger vehicle and fuel consumption and mechanical efficiency tests have showed results comparable to those of manual transmissions.

The functioning principle of the ROTORcvt is protected through patents granted in 13 international countries and Varibox is actively seeking a license agreement for the intellectual property rights of the ROTORcvt in international automotive and other markets.

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