The icvt innovation by Varibox is suited for use in the following commercial vechicles:

  • Trucks and Buses
  • Agricultural and Earthmoving Equipment
  • Any high toque and power application which require variable speed

There are currently no CVT’s in the commercial vehicles market due to torque and power limitations. Even though Hydrostatic CVT technology is available, it exists for precise speed control and frequent direction changes.

Hydrostatic drives are less efficient than current commercial CVT’s but with higher torque and power capability. The icvt can therefore, be applied for any high torque and power application where variable speed is required.

The icvt, because it is a non-friction drive, has unlimited power and torque advantages which can be utilised as a main drive in trucks, buses and earthmoving equipment. The positive mechanical engagement nature of the icvt ensures superior mechanical efficiency when compared to dynamic friction drives and hydrostatic drives. The large number of incremental ratios (typically 64) ensures CVT capability and therefore results in a CVT solution for high power and torque applications with a mechanical efficiency comparable to that of a manual transmission.

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