The patents associated with Varibox’s technologies cover 13 international countries including; Austria, Australia, Brazil, China, Countries bound by the European patent office, India, Japan, South Korea, USA and South Africa.


Varibox uses an in house system developed with the specific intent to realize its intellectual property. CVT concepts are conceptualized and then refined on 3D CAD. At the same time, comprehensive patent searches are performed to ensure that the concept is unique.

Varibox places an enormous emphasis on the uniqueness of each of its potential innovations and follows an exhaustive process to confirm that it does NOT just represent an improvement on an existing system and is consequently patented as such. This ensures that any embodiment or implementation of the concept, in any form, will be protected by the patent.

Varibox further prides itself on the fact that all three of its patented inventions are Level 4 in terms of Inventiveness Rank as per Altshuller’s Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. The innovations can therefore be defined as a new generation of a system that entails a new principle for performing the system's primary functions.


For more information on the Varibox ROTORcvt patents click on the links provide below.

1. A Rotor Controlled Continuously Variable Transmission


2. Rotor Controlled Transmission


3. Rotor controlled CVT


4. A Continuously Variable Transmission Machine



For more information on the Varibox ROTORcvt patents click on the links provide below.

1. Incremental Variable Transmission


2. Infinitely Variable Transmission



In January 2017, the RADIALcvt received a Category A PCT search result from the International Search Authority (ISA), indicating no objection to the innovation’s novelty, inventiveness and industrial application. In a written opinion accompanying the search report, the PCT examiner could not find any existing prior art similar to the unique configuration used in the RADIALcvt. Varibox therefore did not need to modify any of the 12 claims in the initial PCT patent application ensuring comprehensive protection of the concept in whichever form it is implemented.

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