Gear motor ROTORcvt business case published

Gear motor ROTORcvt business case published

Posted By : Jan Naude (Ph.D) in Technology

Varibox CVT Technologies (Pty), a mechanical engineering Intellectual property firm focussed on licensing CVT innovations, today announced the gear motor application for their flagship CVT invention called ROTORcvt.  The paper that was released provides a design, costing and initial business case of a geared motor ROTORcvt with a maximum output torque of 350 N.m (up to 30 kW power).

The ROTORcvt, patented in 13 countries internationally, is a purely mechanical two stage ratcheting CVT in which the ratio adjustment from geared neutral is done via a 250 Watt 12 V electrical system.  It functions on a mechanical positive engagement principle and does not use a dynamic friction drive principle as is currently employed in commercial CVT.  This results in a compact, robust, high mechanical efficiency, CVT solution.

Varibox MD, Dr Jan Naude said that the geared motor ROTORcvt intended for production was designed around extensively tested ROTORcvt components used in a Chevrolet Spark ROTORcvt demonstrator vehicle.  In the tests that were conducted, the mechanical efficiency, cost benefits and environmental advantages of the ROTORcvt gear system was categorically proved.

The paper further outlines the cost factors associated with the gear motor ROTORcvt application, which is notably less than typical a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) and reduction gearbox combination required to produce 350 N.m at the output.

Numerous advantages of the gear motor ROTORcvt setup is described comprehensively in the paper and include factors relating to the motor’s operation at constant rpm at start up with no load, speed and cost efficiency, durability and geared neutral feature to name a few.

For more information on the gear motor ROTORcvt application or to discuss partnership opportunities contact Dr Jan Naude at

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