RADIALcvt Results Graphic

RADIALcvt Results

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In February of this year we published a news post describing the very promising test results of Varibox’s RADIALcvt Gen II, where phenomenal results were shown. These tests were completely independent conducted and overseen by the University of the Witswatersrand.

Varibox submitted a paper on the RADIALcvt Gen II test results to SAE International. This paper was peer reviewed and has now been published by SAE International in the Journal of Passenger Cars. The paper details all the test results in graphic form and additionally speaks to all the issues related to efficiency. During the tests, mechanical efficiency peaked at an unprecedented 94.7%. A link to the paper has been included below for your perusal:


An overview of the Second Generation RADIALcvt development and test results can also be viewed at


Current development includes a mechanical loading cam within an angle drive configuration and simulated efficiency is presented below.


The RADIALcvt is ideal for ICE, hybrid and full electric vehicles as well as for industrial applications.

Varibox is excited about the future with this innovative CVT solution and has entered the Design the Future contest. Details can be found at


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