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Revolutionary CVT Patents to Position South Africa as Technology Exporter

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Varibox CVT Technologies, a South African based intellectual property company, backed by the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa (IDC), recently announced that their three prototype-tested and patented CVT innovations are ready for commercialisation.  A world first, the Varibox patents offer a new perspective on traditional CVT technology through the superior mechanical efficiency it creates.  Its functioning principles were designed to eliminate any hydraulic control; resulting in reduced weight, manufacturing cost saving as well as reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions.

Explaining the rationale behind the company’s patented technology, Jan Naude (PhD), Managing Director of Varibox stated, ‘Worldwide, automotive sales are set at approximately 80 million units per annum and commercial vehicle sales over 1 million units. Considering the sales volumes, there is fierce competition in the market to lower manufacturing cost, fuel consumption and emissions.  In addition to this, emission and fuel consumption standards are becoming stricter each year and manufacturers and customers pay sizeable penalties should their products not meet these standards. The Varibox product range now present Original Equipment Manufacturers with a tool to comply with these standards, resulting in competitive edge.’ He further noted that the Varibox technologies are not limited in application to automotive and commercial vehicle sectors but also to industrial and outdoor power equipment markets.


Varibox has proven its technology in tested prototypes and their business model of licensing intellectual property globally is set to put South Africa on the map as an international player in the CVT market. International research has shown that IP is becoming the last sustainable competitive advantage, especially for emerging markets like South Africa, where competition in manufacturing costs and sales networks can no longer be sustained.  South Africa needs to change from a technology importer to a technology exporter and Varibox speaks to this requirement.

Varibox now plan to take their innovations to market aggressively and is looking for industry partners to invest, further develop, manufacture and sell the technologies as part of their product range.  As all the Varibox IP is protected in 13 international countries via granted patents, industry partners will have a global competitive edge.  As part of the Varibox business model, partners will be fully supported through a full repertoire of engineering services to ensure the successful commercialisation of the project.

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