Varibox CVT Technologies Calls for Investors to Change the CVT Landscape

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Varibox CVT Technologies (Pty) Ltd, an intellectual property company specialising in the development and licensing of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) technology, is inviting industry players and other interested parties to become investment partners in the development and commercialisation of its breakthrough CVT inventions.

It is widely known that there is fierce competition in the small passenger vehicle market with Bosch Transmissions reporting their expectation of exponential growth in this area over the next few years.  As a result, there is pressure on industry participants to minimize manufacturing costs, lower fuel consumption and comply with emission laws to create sustainable competitive advantage.  This has created a high demand for CVT products that address this requirement.

Varibox's revolutionary CVT concepts speak to this market need as it offers a new perspective on traditional CVT technology through the superior mechanical efficiency they create. The functioning principles of Varibox's inventions were designed to eliminate any hydraulic control; resulting in reduced weight, lower manufacturing costs as well as relatively lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions.  

As Varibox now moves towards the commercialisation phase in its product development cycle, they are calling on investors and collaborators to contribute to further testing, development and full scale production of its patent-protected inventions.  Dr. Jan Naude, Managing Director of Varibox stated that partners will have full access to all the designs, simulations, test results and engineering services  to ensure the successful commercialisation of the project while having granted patent protection in 13 international countries.

For more information on how to partner with Varibox please visit our or contact Dr. Jan Naude on or +27(0)82 331 4956








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