Varibox granted RADIALcvt PCT patent WO2017/143363

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The RADIALcvt: A continuously variable transmission with radial drive

Varibox CVT Technologies, an innovator in alternative continuously variable transmission (CVT) concepts, has announced a new world-wide patent granted by the European Patent Office for its advanced multi parallel path CVT that comes with only one steel friction drive interface in each power path.

This latest patent for the RADIALcvt signifies a huge step in Varibox’s goal of commercialising the innovation.

The PCT patent application was published and can be downloaded though the link below.

Please click the following link to read the patent document:

Of great importance is to note the PCT search report at the end of above document indicating that all 12 claims were granted without modification.

Of even more importance is claim 1, which protects the RADIALcvt configuration and emphasises the fact that the RADIALcvt configuration is new and unique and that it is NOT just an improvement on an existing system.

About the RADIALcvt

The RADIALcvt design is based on a functioning principle featuring a single friction drive interface in series and at least 6 power split friction drive parallel paths. A constant input radius on the friction drive input make it possible to use a constant clamping force which is provided by mechanical springs and as a result, the RADIALcvt has no hydraulic control system.

A very large radius variation on the RADIALcvt friction drive output provides the ratio variation and because the radial drivers are clamped between two opposite rotating disks, forces on the drivers are largely cancelled out. The first ratio of the RADIALcvt is hard geared to eliminate the “kerb test” issue common with push belt CVT’s.

Varibox’s RADIALcvt also features only one steel-on-steel, traction fluid lubricated, friction drive interface in each power path, has a compact design, produces high mechanical efficiency and does not feature any hydraulic control system.

The RADIALcvt can serve in both a hybrid vehicle and as an energy recovery device, the innovation is also applicable in pure electric vehicles.

Developed with disruptive innovation in mind, the RADIALcvt is very much scalable and provides a cost effective, mechanically efficient and dynamic CVT solution suitable for the automotive, outdoor power equipment (OPE), commercial vehicle and industrial market application.

To watch a full presentation on the rationale and functioning of the RADIALcvt, click the following link:

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