Test set-up of the RADIALcvt

Prototype tests show the RADIALcvt has unmatched efficiency amongst CVT’s

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The RADIALcvt, Varibox’s new continuously variable transmission (CVT) has an overwhelmingly superior transmission efficiency than current commercial and developmental automotive CVT’s, recent tests have proved.

During testing, the transmission efficiency of the RADIALcvt surpassed 90%, which is significantly higher than all other rival CVT technologies. The current average transmission efficiency of the best commercial CVT’s measures at around 85%.

Such positive test results are hugely momentous for the RADIALcvt because they validate the technology’s purpose of solving the low mechanical efficiency and complexities associated with current commercial CVT’s.

More importantly, the test results mean that no other CVT, either under production or in commercial use, can outmatch the RADIALcvt in terms of efficiency.

Below is a summary of test results:

The graph below, stemming from the latest RADIALcvt prototype tests that was conducted by an independent South African university, refers to the input rpm and input torque vs transmission efficiency.

Efficiency comparison

The graph below presents the transmission efficiency of recently published CVT test results.

The orange line presents a current commercial pushbelt CVT while the blue presents a developmental CVT from Dana.

Clearly, the RADIALcvt outperforms the other commercial CVT and the RADIALcvt's efficiency has a very flat efficiency profile which does not display the wide efficiency variation of the developmental CVT. What is more, the RADIALcvt does NOT include any hydraulic control system meaning the tests were performed with a constant clamping force supplied by mechanical springs.

Source: McIndoe, G. V. (2016). Effciency Analysis of Multi-Mode Passenger Car Transmission. SAE Technical Paper 2016-01-1108

The prototype tests for the RADIALcvt were carried out by Varibox CVT Technologies on January 30, 2018 at Wits University, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Applicable in conventional, hybrid and full electric vehicles, the RADIALcvt continuously variable transmission is highly scalable and can also be deployed into outdoor power equipment, geared motors and various industrial equipment.

The full RADIALcvt, design, simulation and testing document can be downloaded from: http://www.varibox.com/media/1195/radialcvtdesignver110-004.pdf

The document highlighting the RADIALcvt as the ideal electric vehicle (EV) transmission can be downloaded from: http://www.varibox.com/media/1189/radialcvtelectricver15-updated.pdf

A full RADIALcvt presentation in the form of a mp4 video with animations and voice over can be downloaded from: http://www.varibox.com/media/1201/radialcvtfullpresentation.mp4

For further information, please send us an email to: jnaude@varibox.com

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