SAE Technical Paper

SAE Technical Paper

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Varibox is proud to announce that a peer reviewed paper on the development of the RADIALcvt has been published in the SAE Technical Papers. This paper in detail, presents the simulation results as well as prototype testing results with mechanical efficiencies above 90%. The differences between the RADIALcvt and other types of CVT are also highlighted and the advantages are explained, by referencing the simulation and test results.

The paper consists of 15 pages and include various test and simulation result graphs of efficiencies, slip and contact stress under a constant mechanical clamping force, which highlights the suitability for commercialization in the automotive and industrial markets with a focus on electric vehicles. What makes the RADIALcvt very attractive for commercialization is the fact that it uses existing well matured traction drive technology. These have been in existence since the 1980's and therefore all issues related to the material and durability in the traction drive contact patch are very well researched, tested and published. The uniqueness of the RADIALcvt is its unique mechanical configuration as presented in published and granted patent application WO2017143363.

To read the technical paper, follow the link below:

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