• Main components and function of the RADIALcvt
    RADIALcvt-The Ultimate Commercial CVT

    Current commercial CVT's in the passenger vehicle market face criticism for being laden with inherent deficiencies like hydraulic control losses, friction drive losses, high manufacturing costs, high contact stresses requiring special materials, as well as being heavy, which results in expensive and heavy CVT solutions which are not sufficiently viable in small vehicles below 50 kW. For this reason, Varibox CVT Technologies Pty (Ltd) developed the RADIALcvt, a multi-parallel power path type of CVT that consists of only one steel-on-steel lubricated friction drive interface in each power path.

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  • Gear motor ROTORcvt business case published
    Gear motor ROTORcvt business case published
    Varibox CVT Technologies (Pty), a mechanical engineering Intellectual property firm focussed on licensing CVT innovations, today announced the gear motor application for their flagship CVT invention c  [ Read More ]
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